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Tue 9th Jun 2015 - 3:26pm : General


For weeks and weeks our very own Printzeh has been slaving away in photoshop doing some absolutley amazing work. He was given the task of making custom logo's for Team Nightmare members which would be used for all social media and in-game. After hours of playing around and trying to get the style he was looking for he has finally finished his first batch of logo's! After 18+ hours of hard work he has managed to create 53 custom team logo's which for one person is a hell of a lot of work and we very thankful for his time and effort put into this massive project. Below you can see the finished products which I'm sure you can all agree are nothing short of amazing. Again thanks for Printzeh for doing such an amazing job on the logo's and we look forward to seeing future work he produces for Nightmare!




Johnny Roberts

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