Current Teams And Rosters Within Team Nightmare

Wed 13th May 2015 - 11:29pm : Gaming

Welcome to Nightmare Gaming, below is a list of all the teams which currently play for Nightmare Gaming.




Nightmare Red League of Legends Team:


Chaos - Top Lane

Skillz - Jungler

Daxero - Mid Lane

Squirtle - AD Carry

Caveman - Support


Nightmare Blue League of Legends Team:


Shuffle - Top Lane

Wuju - Jungler

Razor - Mid Lane

Stilz - AD Carry

Fivestar - Support


Nightmare EU Counterstrike Global Offensive Team 2:


ScaR - Captain

JB - Player

Farrko - Player

Faint - Player

Abuzo - Co-Captain


Nightmare AU Call of Duty:AW Team 2:


Stryde - Captain

Vio - Player

Lyah - Player

Jolt - Player


Nightmare EU Call Of Duty:AW Team 1:


ProTom - Captain

Levy - Player

Milten - Player


Nightmare EU Call OF Duty:AW Team 2: 


Cryse - Captain

Tayzer - Player

Kayza - Player

Mistt - Player


Nightmare NA Call Of Duty:AW Team 1:


Bowso - Captain

Tazeor - Player

Brettles - Player

Tricky - Player


Nightmare NA Call Of Duty:AW Team 2:


Pyro - Captain

Aphasia - Player

Keen - Player


Nightmare Halo Team:


Semitar - Captain

Weezy - Player


Nightmare Hearthstone Players:




These are the current teams which Nightmare Gaming own. Stay tuned to the website to see any new additions we may aquire in the future!




Johnny Roberts

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